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Sunday, 20 January 2013

My Australia Day Poem

Dame Edna Everage in wax at Madame Tussauds

   I wrote this poem whilst living in Africa and homesick for the people and values of my Australia.

 It is best performed by an Aussie bloke who has a classic Aussie accent, think Russell Crowe  and preferably wearing an Akubra, blue singlet and jeans or if Russell is unavailable a comedian like Dame Edna will suffice.
Australia Day is celebrated on the 26 of January.


               by Jennifer Ann 

What is a true Australian?
I can see you want to ask.
What do we really look like,
Behind our cultural mask?

Well sit down and have a cuppa,
And I'll try and set you straight.
Otherwise you'll be up the creek,
And then who'll be your mate?

First there is our humour,
We laugh at near and dear.
In fact we laugh at anything,
Our conscience is not clear.

We like to be SO friendly,
And say "G'day" to all,
Because we think that it's polite,
And courteous and all.

We have a rich vocabulary,
Of very Aussie slang,
Like "Beudy mate" and "Bonza,"
We'll say with Aussie twang.

"Stone the crows" and "Yobbo,"
What a repertoire?
We even have one for the wife,
"the missus" and "the sheilaa".

We never are perturbed,
'Cause we know that "she'll be right".
We like to earn an honest dollar,
There's no beer for bludgers on site.

"Have a go ya mug",
Is the workers nasal cry,
As sure as there is smoko,
And a long weekend is nigh.

We love our sport and leisure,
Cricket, rugby and the famous Aussie crawl.
We hosted the Olympics,
It's the Aussie anthem we love to drawl.

We hold only two things sacred,
They're our mates you know,
And the fact that all are equal,
On earth down here below.

We have no interest in position,
Or in any riches.
But we care if you're "fair dinkum"
A good bloke with no hitches.

So a real Australian,
Is not hard to recognise.
Equality and mateship,
Our countries only prize.

 Each time you help the underdog,
And see your mates on too,
You're really saying
"Hey I'm an Aussie, Fair Dinkum and True Blue!!"

Copyright 2000 Jennifer Ann


  1. Fantastic, and as far as the attitude and the philosophy, spot on. Well, that's how we used to be. But our culture is becoming so diversified that we are losing this. In fact, some people call 'Australia Day' 'Eurasia Day'. Can there be diversity and unity? Our distinctive Aussie 'true blue' personality is drifting away and I doubt we will get it back. Australia is so cosmopolitan now and I mourn for the aussie nature and spirit described in your beautifully written poem.

  2. Thanks Madeleine, In our post modern era we can definitely lose sight of these old values of lending a hand,working hard, knowing your neighbours and mateship but heres hoping in our own small spheres of influence we can keep these values alive and even pass them on to those around us.