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Sunday, 16 December 2012

An Angel's Christmas Letter

 Philippians 2:7 "{Jesus Christ}...made Himself nothing taking the very nature of a servant being made in human likeness." NIV

  To my dear humans, beloved of the Most High God, {Creator and Sustainer of the universe},

 Grace and Peace to you, as I wing my way across the heavens eager to do the bidding of the God of Love, thrilled to relay His messages and to magnify His name in song.

 My dear humans, on one such flight I drew close to the earth and could not help but be caught up in your Christmas preparations. The beautiful carols that you sing, the colourful Christmas lights strung across your gardens and the thoughtful presents given as tokens of love and instantly it was as though I was back at that very first Christmas.

 There was singing as angels are known to be particularly blessed with the heavenliest of voices. On that first Christmas it was our job to alert the shepherds and to praise God. Oh what a wonderful night as our anthem rang out across the earth. A tad terrifying for the shepherds but they soon recovered and sought the baby in the manger so they could worship Him.

 There were lights on that first Christmas when the sky was illuminated by the intense brightness of God's pure glory and then the shining star from the East guided the wise men  to the manger, all, so they too, could worship Him.

 There was a present, the most beautiful and world changing present one had ever seen or will ever see again. The greatest gift of God to you, dear humans and His name is Jesus.

 That night was full of splendour but it was the gift that we angels found the most spectacular. For Jesus had existed before the earth was born, He was present and active in creating the world and yet He had been sent by God to become human as the only rescue plan for you, dear people. To save you humans from sin and it's punishment. It was astounding that He was willing to set aside His glory and lay wrapped in rags in a stable. Jesus, fully God yet fully man, without sin.

 As angels who worshipped Jesus we longed to understand, Jesus the most precious gift, given out of the unfathomable love of God.

 Now dear humans, this Christmas, look with me at God's gift, Jesus, no longer clothed in squalor, no longer hung on a cross but risen and exalted by God to the highest place and at the name of Jesus Christ every knee on heaven and earth will bow and every tongue will confess Jesus is Lord. Like the shepherds, the wise men and the angels may you seek Him and find Him that you may worship Him too!!!! Philippians 2; 8 -11.

  In awe of God's awesome love, The Very little Angel, {TVLA}


 Luke 2:14 {NIV}