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Wednesday, 3 October 2012


"But thanks be to God, who always leads us in triumphal procession in Christ and through us spreads everywhere the fragrance of the knowledge of Him."  2 Cor2;14 (NIV)
The wonderful season of Spring is upon us and the warm breezes that swirl around us are infused with the redolent scents from exqusite flowers. I often choose to water the garden in the twilight of dusk just so I can breathe in the sweet fragrances that still hang heavily in the air, undiluted by the day. As Summer approaches these delicate flowers wilt or give way to fruits and their perfume also vanishes.

The fragrance of Spring reminds me of the verse from the bible in 2 Cor2;14 where the apostle Paul writes about a fragrance that has infinitely more value than that of Spring flowers and one that will never fade.

Paul uses the imagery of the Roman generals of old who led their conquered captives in processions through the streets accompanied by the burning of incense and aromatic spices, for all the people to see and marvel at their great victory.

It is God who leads us as captives in His triuphal procession. He has paid the price for us by the death of His son on the cross and rescued us from the camp of the enemy. He has risen from the dead and won the battle against satan and our sin. He has conquered death!!!  For those that believe and trust in His name he leads us as captives of His love for all the world to see.

Whatever country we live in, whatever we do in our daily lives, God has placed us on display to our neighbours, family and friends,etc as those that Christ has redeemed, that we may spread the fragrance of who Jesus is.

Wow!! which of us could possibly hope to do that at all, let alone effectively? Fortunately for us, it is God who leads us, and it is God who spreads the saving fragrance of Christ through us by His Holy Spirit.

I hope as a follower of Christ, you would feel greatly encouraged because not only has God mightily saved us but through His power and grace He uses us, flawed and sinful people to spread the beautiful and everlasting aroma of salvation to those around us.

Let us thank God for His salvation and pray that the fragrance of the love of Christ would permeate our lives and spread to many, that they too may become captives to Jesus love.


  1. To me Spring means the fragrance of sweet peas which I have growing and constantly bring inside.I love the way you tied the scent of Spring up with this verse.

  2. Congratulations on your new blog, Jenn! And using all your own lovely pictures, too. This sounds as if it will be a great encouragement to its readers. Welldone.

  3. Thanks Dale and Rita,
    My favourate flowers of spring are Fresias and any blossum tree. the one in the picture is an apple blossum given to me by my in laws.